We’re Finally Blogging!
Sep 13
Gina Cielocha

Welcome to the new Empire Today Blog! We are excited to become a valuable resource for homeowners interested in home improvement, decorating ideas, product trends and much more. The concept for our blog came about when we were in one of our weekly staff meetings. We hear over and over from people that they “never knew” there was so much information to consider when choosing carpet or flooring. That sparked an “a-ha” moment – we should share all of the product knowledge that our merchandising experts have with the outside world. We handpicked people from around Empire to share their insight with you. These “Empire Experts” live and breathe their job. They are passionate about what they do and eager to share their ideas with you.

Then, we took it to another level – why not let other home experts share their knowledge too… because who wants to hear from just Empire all the time?! We went out and assembled a great team of writers from multiple disciplines to share their industry knowledge with you. From interior designers to general contractors, we’ve put together a great group of professionals who will write about topics specific to their industry, such as choosing the right flooring for your basement, tips on how to decorate your living room, building a functional mudroom and staging your home for resale.

Each day we’ll post an article that will hopefully inspire you to take on projects in your own home, and we want you to know that Empire is here with you one your home improvement quest. We’ll help you along the way with valued information about products, services and professional insight from people who have “been there before.” The real point of the Empire Today Blog is to teach you something… to be your resource, your guide… and to motivate you to start your next home improvement project.

The vision for the Empire Blog is to be an interesting and engaging resource for “all things home.” Today’s launch is a milestone for Empire, and we’re thrilled to embark on this journey. For us, we’re actually more excited about what’s to come… today is just the beginning.

For anyone who may have ideas about what’s going on and where we plan to head, we’d appreciate your feedback. We hope you will comment on our posts, ask questions and spark conversations. Comments are moderated and we will review them and get them up as quickly as possible during regular business hours. We hope you enjoy reading, discovering and being part of this community!

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