Today’s Polyester Carpets Won’t Give you Disco Fever

When people hear the term polyester the first thing that comes to mind is the 70’s with plaid and flowered patterns in bright neon colors. Others have visions of John Travolta in his polyester suits and Saturday Night Fever. Based on those concepts, most people won’t consider looking at polyester carpets.

However, due to advancements in technology, today’s polyester carpets are a great choice for a variety of reasons. First is color clarity. Polyester is associated with vivid eye popping colors such as lime green, hot pink, but most people don’t realize it can also create deep rich hues including a midnight blue, a scarlet red or even black. If polyester was a paint it would be classified as a satin because the colors have a slight sheen to them. Beiges and browns have a bit of a luster which often appears glamorous. Other carpets don’t offer the same vibrancy; they would be considered flat and often look drab in comparison.

Some polyester carpets are made from recycled plastic bottles therefore making it a green product. Many of us have seen the demonstration in which a cola is poured over rust and the cola eats the rust away. Maybe you seen the demo where a nail is dropped in a glass of cola and after a few days the nail disintegrates. Despite the cola’s acidic properties, nothing ever happens to the plastic bottle that holds cola, not even some discoloration. I jokingly say that if the earth had a nuclear holocaust tonight, in 200 years all that would be left is the cockroaches and plastic bottles.

Now imagine plastic bottles being recycled and used to manufacture carpet; like the plastic bottles, the carpet would be durable and resistant to staining or discoloration. Because of polyester properties, many polyester carpets carry lifetime stain warranties.

Other advancements include the feel. The 70’s polyesters where thought of as a sleek soft alternative to silk. The softness has been enhanced to the point that many believe the new polyester’s is softer versus any traditional fibers.

Today, most polyester carpets are manufactured as continuous filaments so they won’t fuzz. Lastly, polyester is usually less expensive than nylon.

To say polyester carpet is the best carpet would be unfair, there are other factors which also impact quality such as stain treatments and manufacturing process, etc. All the various attributes of a carpet combined will ultimately determine the quality of each carpet. Therefore, when buying carpet one should realize that everything changes, technological changes are not limited to electronics. In the world of carpet, polyester has made numerous advancements and its popularity within homes in increasing. Therefore, I encourage you to not dismiss polyester when making the decision to purchase carpet, otherwise you could find you missed out on a hot new trend.

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