The Latest Flooring Trends for Every Room in Your Home

As with any home d├ęcor, flooring is subject to stylistic shifts that are often a result of changes in the way people live. That’s not to say you have to change your flooring every couple of years to stay on trend. With some foresight, you can choose fashionable flooring that you will love for many years.



I like Hardwood Flooring for kitchens. Wide-plank, hand-scraped hardwood is very much in demand. It’s great with today’s ‘open concept’ layouts because it can continue into other rooms seamlessly without interrupting the eye. As for color, a good rule of thumb is to contrast the tone of the floor to the cabinets — light flooring with dark cabinets and vice versa.


Dining Rooms
While Hardwood Flooring is still a classic choice for the dining room; there are some other interesting options right now. Keep your flooring simple to create balance in a room that has a lot going on visually. Consider a Cut and Loop Carpet that features a subtle pattern or texture. It will add elegance as well as absorb the sounds of a busy dinner scene. Another great choice is Ceramic Tile or Porcelain Tile that mimics natural stone. It creates a quiet drama and acts as a nice counterpoint to the smooth surfaces of wood furniture.


It’s no big revelation that Ceramic or Porcelain Tile is a durable, easy-to-clean and moisture-resistant choice for bathrooms. But whereas bathroom flooring tile used to come in splashy colors of sea foam green or flamingo pink, today’s popular tones are white, beige or grey for timeless style. Add interest via towels, accents and wall color that are more easily changed than tile. When you choose neutral tones for flooring, your bathroom will look great for many, many years.


Master Bedrooms
Recreating a luxury hotel feeling in the master bedroom is at the top of everyone’s list today. Plush or Texture Carpet is a great option for bedrooms because its smooth, level surface provides the ideal blend of soft comfort and traditional style. As for color, don’t be afraid to go light. While it may not be a great idea to select light-colored carpet in a high-traffic room, a light color can often work well in a bedroom and help to create a soothing space. There’s nothing better than taking a vacation in your own bedroom.


Kids Bedrooms & Playrooms
Let’s face it. Kids spend a lot of time on the floors, playing, and sometimes taking a spill. That’s why a durable Berber or Loop Carpet makes great sense to protect little ones’ knees and elbows. Berber and Loop Carpets are also compact, with low pile that won’t swallow up small toys and snacks. As for color, I recommend a classic neutral color and earth-tone fleck combination that will help hide dirt and stains.

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