Ask the Expert: Top 3 Picks for Durable Carpet
Sep 13
Todd Johnson

Finding Carpet that lasts a long time, stands up to wear and tear, and keeps looking great is a must have for today's busy family. Here are my top three picks for Durable Carpet:

Durable + Soft
When I think of durability, I think of Garden Row. Garden Row is a Frieze Carpet which consists of individual fibers that are tightly coiled to produce an informal twisted look. Combine this with a built-in stain protection and you've got an extremely soft yet durable Carpet. Available in twelve solid and speckled colors, Garden Row can give your house a stylish and casual look that lasts.

Durable + Recycled
Another great choice for durable Carpet is Pendleton. Pendleton is a Plush/Texture Carpet manufactured from continuous filament nylon, making it highly resilient and durable. Plush/Texture Carpet features a smooth, level surface that provides the ideal blend of soft comfort and traditional style. Plus, Pendleton is fully recyclable, meaning it can be recycled back into carpet in the future.

Durable + Colorful
Last, but not least, for a durable Carpet, I recommend Townsend. Also a Plush/Texture Carpet, Townsend is made from polyester, a material that naturally resists stains and offers richer colors. Available in thirteen distinct colors, Townsend can bring softness and a classic beauty into your home for many years to come.

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