Let’s Celebrate National Customer Service Week!

For the past nine years, we have been celebrating National Customer Service Week (NCSW) at Empire, filled with lots of fun activities. National Customer Service Week is a celebration recognized by many companies across the United States. The purpose of the week is to take time out of our daily work lives and think about how integral each role is in the company when it comes to servicing a customer.

NCSW committee members, who span many departments within Empire, begin planning starting in July for the week long celebration that takes place in early October. This year the event ran from October 7-11. Where we spend the most amount of time is figuring out the theme each year and what message we want everyone to remember. During the celebration, we have one day called ‘Empire’ Day where everyone wears an Empire shirt with the theme. It is so exciting to see the thousands of associates we have across the U.S all wearing the same shirt as a sign of company unity and commitment to servicing our customers!

During the week we serve a lot of food, which our management team serves the food. You see some of us in line for Pizza Day (which always goes over very well).


One of my favorite events of the week is a ‘Bags’ tournament. This year we had over 65 teams participating all week long. We randomly assigned the teams and let each team pick their name for prizes. By Friday the intensity of who was going to win was high, and the final game had over 100 spectators! Employees even went as far as to make posters of their favorite team to take the championship. Below is a picture of the winning team right after their victory.


As a part of recognition, we ask associates to submit stories recognizing individuals who they do not work with and what they did to help a customer. We get hundreds of stories a day and can only recognize the top 10-20 as winners. During the week, we also play Empire Trivia, where we ask questions about Empire and our company history. We get hundreds of submissions, where the people with the correct answers win a $25 gift card.

Empire is such a great company to work for because everyone has fun every day and focuses on each customer in the spirit of making each experience the best it could possibly be!

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