Keep Your House Cleaner with Entry Rugs and Runner Carpets

Many homeowners find it difficult keeping their homes clean (myself included). Whether you have children, pets, or you just seem to spend all of your free time with a vacuum in hand, cleaning and maintainingthe floors can be an ongoing battle. Although you can find hundreds of tips on how to clean your carpet or hardwood floors, preventing the dirt and debris from entering the home in the first place may be a more efficient option. Entry rugs and runner carpets are two smart ideas for helping keep homes clean.

When it comes to keeping your floors clean, both an entry rug and a runner carpet can be effective options. Ultimately, it comes down to the layout of your home and the shape of the entrance. In a home where the front door opens up into a narrow hallway, a runner carpet along some or even most of the hall can look stylish. On the other hand, a wider room can look strange with the addition of a narrow runner carpet, and an entry rug often looks much better.

Once you know whether an entry rug or a runner carpet will be the best fit, it's time to choose the right style for your home. If budget is a concern, make sure that’s not the only thing to pay attention to when purchasing a rug or carpet. Sisal and jute rugs are often incredibly affordable, (although I don’t recommend putting this in areas that are susceptible to wet spills). Sisal rugs are environmental friendly, created from a renewable source. (the Sisal plant lives for about 10 years). Wool can be pricier, but it has the potential to last for years and usually looks better with age. Shape and size also matter, and you typically won't want a rug or carpet to border the walls. Make sure that it is surrounded on all four sides by the natural flooring underneath.

Although entry rugs and runner carpets are both effective ways of keeping your home clean, don't forget that they need to be cleaned regularly as well. On a weekly basis, you should aim to vacuum the rug to remove everyday dust particles and small pieces of dirt. If the carpet is low-pile, taking it outside once each season to beat it is usually adequate, but medium to high piling may need professional cleaning once each year.

While runner carpets and entry rugs are wonderfully beneficial in terms of cleaning, don't forget to keep safety a priority as well. A rug liner strip or even just a thin strip of caulk can prevent the rugs from moving around and may even prevent accidents in the home.

Prevent dirt and debris from getting into your home in the first place thanks to entry rugs and runner carpets. They can look stylish, and they make cleaning the home easier than ever.

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