Directional Vacuuming and Vacuum Cleaner Check Up
Oct 19
Larry Gantt

Vacuuming is critical to maintaining carpet. While many homeowners know frequent vacuuming is important to help keep their carpets clean, many do not realize there’s a right way and a wrong way to vacuum.

Vacuuming Direction
Vacuuming in multiple directions greatly increases the efficiency of the cleaning process. In addition to helping lift more dirt and soil from the carpet, changing the direction of the vacuum cleaner during the process also helps lift, separate and untangle fibers pointed in many different directions. Constant vacuuming in only one direction only lifts fibers in one direction.

For best results, vacuum right to left then turn and vacuum from left to right. Then vacuum the same area up and down the room. The result is hitting each area from three directions.

Equality important is ensuring the vacuum cleaner is in good operating condition. A poorly maintained unit will not only do a poor job of cleaning and grooming the carpet and can actually damage it

Vacuum Cleaner Check Up
Check your vacuum cleaner for the following each time it is used.

  • Ensure the cup / bag is not full. Bag units normally lose suction when the bag is half-way full
  • Check, clean and replace filters if equipped. Many units have dust or HEPA filers. A clogged filter will significantly reduce the operating efficiency of the unit and its ability to pick up dirt and soil.
  • Ensure unit with a hose have no partial or full clogs in the hose. This is particularly important in new carpets during the natural shedding process all new carpets go through.
  • Check brushes, beater bars, and covers for loose or sharp pieces which may catch of snag fibers causing damage to the carpet. This is critical with berber or looped carpets as a snag can easily cause a zipper or runner pull in the stitches.
  • Keep beater brushes free from buildup of hair and string. Once worn, replacement brushes are often available from vacuum cleaner repair shops.
  • Check drive belts to endure they are not wore or stretched out. Warn belts can reduce efficiency as well as cause the belts to slip which can result in overheating

Vacuuming carpets as often as needed based on area traffic and usage , ensuring the vacuum unit is in good working condition, can extend the appearance life of today’s carpets.


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