Bare Windows: Beautiful…. But Not Always Practical
Oct 9
Tony Tuma

Thumbing through a recent edition of Elle Décor, I couldn’t help but notice window treatment trends in the many beautiful rooms featured. The big trend was no window treatments at all, or, the simplest, barely there, treatments. While interior designers may love the no window treatment look, living without window treatments may not always be practical or even comfortable.

Consider privacy: not only on the street side, but the neighbors on the sides and back as well. With many homes built closer and closer together in order to conserve land, privacy is a definite issue.

Then, consider light control, solar heat control and ultraviolet light protection. Window treatments are a definite must if you wish to control the amount of light in your rooms. Options such as Shutters, Wood or Faux Wood Blinds and Soft Fabric Window Shading styles allow a great degree of light control and the ability to diffuse the light into the room.

Solar heat control is essential, especially if in a high rise apartment building with direct sun exposure. The solar heat transmitted through the glass can increase the interior temperature to a very uncomfortable degree. Air conditioning systems need to work overtime to compensate, increasing energy costs. Window treatments such as Honeycomb shades, Roman shades and Woven Wood shades (when lined) provide superior solar heat control. Damage to your furniture, rugs, and floors caused by ultraviolet light can be minimized by these styles as well as many other options.

So, as beautiful as bare windows can be, keep the practical considerations of privacy, light control, solar heat gain and ultraviolet light control in mind. The key to modern window treatments is to be beautiful yet practical. Keep the look simple and refined and your window treatments can not only enhance the beauty of your home, but make it much more comfortable and welcoming.

I would love to see and hear how you solved privacy, light control, solar heat gain and ultraviolet light issues in your home. Let me hear from you!

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