Ask the Expert: Top 3 Options for Durable Flooring
Oct 7
Todd Johnson

Finding durable flooring for today's busy families is a must. Here are my top three picks for flooring that will stand up to everyday wear and tear and look great for years to come.

When I think of durable flooring, laminate quickly comes to mind. From its inception 10+ years ago to today laminate, has become the choice of millions. Laminate can be installed above, on, or below grade and in many other places where Hardwood floors are not the best choice.Our Easy Living Laminate collection will not only give you the look of traditional Hardwood, its finish is highly resilient, hiding abrasions and reducing every day wear and tear.

Luxury Vinyl Tile
My next recommendation for durable flooring is Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT. Put aside all your past notions of Vinyl, the luxury in LVT says it all. LVT looks like Ceramic Tile, yet is softer underfoot and won't crack under high pressure. This is actually really advanced stuff. LVT's protective coating reduces wear, while keeping it soft and beautiful for years to come.

Engineered Hardwood
My last recommendation for durable flooring is Engineered Hardwood. Engineered flooring takes multiple, cross-dimensional layers of different real wood and presses them together. This creates a dimensionally stable floor that will not be as susceptible to changing in climate conditions as solid hardwood flooring. Couple that with the durable factory finish and you have a product that far outperforms traditional site finished flooring. So, it's real wood, but with better performance. Our Essence Engineered Hardwood collection is the perfect match of elegance and durability. Made up of Exotic species from around the world like Brazilian Cherry and Acacia, the Essence collection is a true performer.


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