You've Made the Purchase, Now What

You’ve taken the plunge and placed an order. What happens now? Your sales representative checks all of your measurements, and then sends your order over to the Order Management area. Here, we receive your order and have an expert estimator double-check the room’s measurements again (We are ensuring the correct amount of materials are sent to your installer)! You will see in the picture, our estimators are here from 3 AM to 1 AM daily because we cover the entire United States! For the best installation, the estimator carefully recalculates your measurements, checks for seam placement and product selection prior to signing off on the order.

Often times we have questions of where a window is in your house, high traffic area, etc. and will call the sales representative for clarification. We don’t want any seams near a window! We even recommend how the carpet should lay based on room dimensions to minimize seams, waste etc., and follow industry guidelines for diagramming and measuring. Our estimators are amazing! They can review30-40 diagrams in a day at a nearly 0% defect rate! This means you never see a product shortage or too much waste during your installation. I am always in ‘awe’ watching them re-calculate measurements since this is the only job they perform, have industry training in this area and have worked for us on average over 5 years. These guys are the best in the business! I am good at math, but when you watch these experts work, I feel like I am slowing them down as they answer all of my questions!!

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