Measuring Tips for Window Treatments
Nov 30
Tony Tuma

While the specifics for measuring for window treatments will change for different products, here are some general guidelines to ensure a perfect fit.


  • Use a metal measuring tape to ensure accuracy.
  • Measure every window, even if they appear the same.
  • Always measure in inches and fractions of an inch (never feet and inches).
  • Always measure the width first, then the height.
  • When measuring width, always round down to the nearest 1/8”. When measuring height, always round up to the nearest 1/8”
  • In rooms with more than one window, work from left to right and label each window.
  • Write down and label all measurements.

Decide on Inside or Outside Mount:

Inside mount shades are contained within the window frame or casement. Inside mount window treatments create a finished, built-in appearance and do not cover the window molding.

Outside mount shades are mounted on the wall or molding. They make the window appear larger and hide less than attractive window moldings. Outside mount is also suggested when the window is out of square, or when there is not sufficient frame depth for inside mounting.

To help make the decision if Inside or Outside mount is appropriate, consider Frame Depth, Obstacles and Squareness.

  • Most style of window treatments require at least 2” of depth for inside mount. If the frame/casement is not deep enough, consider Outside Mount.
  • Obstacles such as window handles, cranks, or locking mechanisms may not allow inside mount as they may interfere with the operation of the blind.
  • Inside mount windows should be square or the blind may not work properly or hang attractively. To check for squareness, measure diagonally in both directions. If the measurements differ by over ½”, use outside mount.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure that your window treatments fit properly, hang correctly and function as expected. Remember to check for more detailed measuring instructions based on the style of window treatments selected.

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