Lighting – Jewelry for Your Room
Nov 4
Jessie Best

So, I have been working on putting my personal stamp on my plain “builder basic” dining room in my townhouse for a couple months now. I first started with a great distressed dining table then added modern metal chairs. Next, came the tufted linen girly chairs that have the greatest black and cream floral fabric on the back, then a bit of aged gold nail head detail along the sides… those beauties were placed as the king and queen of the table.

While all of the seating options were being decided, I was having a textured charcoal piece of carpet being bound to fit the space perfectly… I love being able to customize rugs under the dining table since it’s always such a hard size to satisfy. Remember, you want your rug to be big enough for your chairs to move in and out from under the table and still be on the rug (one of those designer tricks).


Now, I am lucky to have a great landlord who trusts my design instinct and is allowing me to add personality to the home. I had this great thought to paint the back wall a warm navy blue and add some simple molding in a craftsman style. I did verify that he understood what I was thinking when he says I can make this place my own, his exact words to me after I shared my plan “Do whatever you like, act like it’s your home”.

WOW – green light baby and magic to my ears! Architectural details here I come! So I proceeded to try about a gazillion different navy blues – blue is so hard, I didn’t want it too primary, or teal, or juvenile. I wanted a sophisticated dark blue to pull my living room rug into the dining space. Finally, after many paint swatches and the effort to apply the final coat to the only blue that was remotely closed to what was in my head, I was happy, it looked great! Perfect – now onto the molding scenario. Again, I just wanted some simple molding detail so getting that aspect accomplished was pretty easy, measured, cut and nail into place – done!

Now to me all of the pieces bring a greatly designed room together, but the piece de la résistance, especially in a dining room is the light fixture. I had been searching for about a month while I was pulling the rest of the room together but I was not finding my jewelry, my great cocktail ring so to speak to bring the whole room together. Don’t get me wrong, I found some great fixtures, just not in my budget.

I had been looking at rustic, then I moved onto modern, then it hit me I wanted something glitzy… something girly and oh so pretty. I started to look in that direction and I found a few that I liked, but me being me I wanted instant gratification. Who wants to wait for something to ship? Apparently the lighting gods were with me because last week I walked into one of the big box stores for a completely different purpose, but of course I had to check the lighting section while I was there. Mind you that I have looked in about every home improvement store within a 30 mile radius of my home and hadn’t fallen in love with anything. I walked back to the lighting department and there she was, all gold and sparkly just calling my name; and to top it off it was under $200 – sold!! After a little bribing I talked my “electrician” into putting her up that night… Eureka the room was all a glow and I was a happy girl!

I’m so happy with the fixture, I smile every time I come up the stairs and the pretty crystals sparkle at me. I do have a few finishing touches and I’m still looking for the right art, but all and all the crowning glory of the room, is the jewelry in my beautiful chandelier.

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