Functional Flooring: Upgrading Home Workspaces without Complete Overhauls
Nov 24
Frank Worth

It's hard to get anything done if your workspace doesn't accommodate you when you're trying to focus. Unfortunately, home workspaces often receive the least amount of homeowner attention when it comes to functional upgrades; kitchens, bedrooms and other areas are far more likely to benefit from renovations. Of course, budgets can be tight, but with a wide range of options like laminate, ceramic, vinyl, carpet and hardwood to choose from, you can easily make your home workspace more functional without overspending.

Home Office Improvement
Your home office or study ought to be comfortable enough that you don't even notice the space you're in. The flooring should feel good regardless whether you're still wearing your clothes from the workday or you've kicked off your shoes and socks to pay some bills in your sweats. Picking a flooring surface like carpet is a common way to get this effect, but also remember that with the right substrate, flooring like laminate and wood feel great on your tired heels.

Don't Neglect Your Hobby
Much like the home office, your hobby room needs flooring that lets you get into the zone. While plenty of people are content to work on their projects in the garage or the shed, these areas aren't always very comfortable. Even though you don't mind it at first, standing on a concrete floor limits how long you can spend working without getting fatigued. Adding a responsive yet durable floor such as vinyl tile to your garage could make it a lot easier to finish those tough extended projects.

In some cases, flooring options like ceramic tile or carpet improve your ability to do work simply because of how they make your space look. Adding brighter colors can stimulate you mentally; this may make it much less of a hassle to deal with draining tasks, such as filing your taxes or balancing the family checkbook.


Setting a Space ApartRemember that you don't necessarily have to replace all of the flooring in a room. Sometimes, adding a professionally-edged section of flooring in a partial area is the easiest way to demarcate your personal space from your kids' play zone or the den where you relax after work. This also serves to keep the spaces separate in your mind so that you can keep yourself disciplined as you deal with your lengthy to-do list.

Stretching the Family BudgetIn addition to making it easier for you and your family members to respect the boundaries of your workspace, partial flooring renovations are a good way to save money. They effectively allow you to split a single room into multiple distinct spaces without paying for an entire wall.

Functional flooring upgrades like luxury vinyl and ceramic tile also improve the energy efficiency of workspaces. Unlike finished family rooms and dining areas, many home offices and workspaces are far more subject to seasonal weather. Using the right flooring lets you get more done without being distracted by the nagging feeling that you're running up a huge energy bill.

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