Coordinating Different Types of Laminate Flooring on a Limited Budget
Nov 6
Frank Worth

With all the different home improvement projects you'd like to tackle, you won't always have the time or money to do everything all at once. In reality, you're going to have to pick and choose which tasks you take on at any given time. Fortunately, you can still prioritize and get a lot done by following these top tips on how to coordinate different kinds of laminate flooring on your budget.

Use the Right Light
The most important part of choosing new laminate flooring is looking at it under the same lighting that you use in your home. These products take on varied appearances under different kinds of light. Looking at samples in your home is critical to finding a laminate that you'll really be happy with and that will go with the other flooring.

Check out Different Options
Laminate flooring can be used to replicate the appearances of many natural wood, ceramic and stone materials. Of course, this doesn't mean that two different flooring brands or products that look exactly the same will carry similar costs. Low cost flooring usually costs more in upkeep as time goes on. The higher quality associated with name-brand products, on the other hand, will benefit your home maintenance budget for years after the initial install is completed.

Step Away from the Traditional
If you need to cover a whole room with laminate, you don't necessarily have to use an exact match to the flooring in other parts of your home. Just get something that's relatively close and coordinates with the rest of the home. Adding a new color in a single room will set that space apart, and with the right combination of paint and lighting, it can take on a similar enough appearance and have the same level of aesthetic appeal.

Matching the Whole Room Instead of Just the Floors
Finally, keep in mind that you need to coordinate the rest of your fixtures for maximum visual appeal. Consider the cabinets, exposed support structures and furniture in the room you want to go together as you're looking for new laminate flooring. By looking at the entire room holistically, you'll end up more satisfied with the overall appearance and not have to spend as much on future tweaks or improvements.

Remember that coordinating different types of laminate flooring on a tight budget is by no means impossible. As long as you work closely with your flooring expert, you should be able to come up with a solution that satisfies your need for budget-friendly style!

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