A Pet or Nice Flooring – You Don’t Have to Choose!

Our furry companions bring much joy, love, and laughter into our lives. As much as we love them, pets can leave scratches and snags, stains and soils, and odors on your flooring. You don't have to trade-in your pet in order to have quality carpet or flooring in your home. Here are some Fido- or Felix-friendly options to consider.

Fancy a Frieze or Texture Carpet
Carpet provides the highest level of comfort for pets, especially for those that enjoy a nice nap or roll around on the floor. Look for a Frieze or Texture carpet. Both styles are soft, fashionable, won't get caught up in pets nails. Avoid a Berber or Loop carpets as their loop fibers can snag pets' nails, causing them to loosen.

All Empire styles of Frieze and Texture carpets are constructed to help resist moisture, stains, and soil. Some styles include our exclusive PUPTM (Pet Urine Protection). PUP helps prevent "accidents" and spills from penetrating into the carpet, which is critical to protecting its lifespan. And don't forget the specially-designed pet-friendly padding underneath. This padding includes a moisture repellent top layer that keeps liquids from seeping into the foam, which can lead to odor, mold, and bacteria.

Fall in Love with Vinyl
Sheet Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) are ideal for pets, as they can stand up to the everyday traffic from your four-legged companion. LVT and Sheet Vinyl are soft underfoot and have a tough protective layer that provides soil, stain, and moisture resistance to help protect it from accidents and water bowl spills.

Sheet Vinyl Flooring and LVT are both tough, abrasion resistant and include antimicrobial properties that resist mold, mildew, and discoloration. LVT and Sheet Vinyl are a breeze to care for, requiring just a broom and dust pan to collect shed fur, dirt, dropped food and a damp mop to finish up.

Choosing flooring that best fits you and your pets' lifestyle is simple. Empire brings samples straight to your door, so you can get a feel for the look, color and style that's perfect for you.

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