Your Family’s Command Center
I recently began work on a small project that many of you have probably seen on Pinterest or Houzz. It is called the “Command Center”. Basically, this has become an area of the house where a family can easily track and coordinate all family activities from homework to sports to just about anything. When the project was originally brought to me, I had to do my own research with the family to see exactly what they wanted to keep track of and what kind of activities the family was involved in. Once we figured out the details, we got started on designing and building the area for the client.

First, we wanted the area to be located in a space of the home where every member of the family would pass by every day. That way, everything would be out in the open and easy to keep track of. This turned out to be the back hall of the home, leading to the garage. We also wanted the space to blend in with the home’s décor, that way it would not ending up looking like an area filled with clutter. 

To build this area, we started by mounting a dry erase board to the wall. The homeowner decided that this would be the basis behind which everything else was built. This particular board was made of metal so that magnets would stick to it. Once mounted to the wall, we started on the surrounding features. We installed a bead board to the lower section of the wall that would blend into the back hall and tie into the look of their laundry room. For the casing around the white board, we used 1x material on the left and right side of the board. Along the top, we build a header that matched the headers above the other doors around the house. On the bottom, we installed a rail to hold dry erase markers, perfect for jotting down notes in a hurry. I routed a groove into the rail, allowing the markers to stay put. Once all of the trim was in place, we painted the entire area white with a semi-gloss trim paint that matched the rest of the house. As a final touch, we added hooks so the kids would have a place to hang coats and book bags when they come home each day.

This command center obviously is a bit more involved and requires a level of skill to do all of the trim work, but in my research, I have found that there are literally hundreds of ways to set up these areas,, ranging from very complicated to very simple. The second picture shows another example of a well set up, perfectly organized command center. This one does not require that completely built out look that the first one did.

When designing the command center for your house, the most important thing to consider is location. In both examples here, the location is a place the family passes by every day. By locating your command center in this way, you will ensure that it becomes something that helps organize and maintain your life, not just another place to store papers and clutter.  
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