Who Said Flooring Needs To Be Uniform?
I’m in a lot of properties everyday and am always looking around. I can’t help but notice that in most, the flooring is the same throughout the house. For example, if someone has wood floors, then it’s the same exact wood floors all through the home. Many homes have a mix of flooring; wood in some areas, in others, then maybe some , yet you still see the same repeating flooring material. Who made that rule?
As a personal rule, I really don’t like carpet in the bathroom and kitchen. Too much moisture and debris mixes with the fibers; let me just say ‘yuck’. I defer back to, ‘to each their own’, it’s your castle. When mixing different flooring, you still want to use a combination of judgment and good taste, as well as be mindful of how you use the space. For example, using different types of wood flooring can add drama, warmth and definition to a space.

I was recently in a home that had been redone from top to bottom. Not only did they do a great job, it looks like they had fun doing it. This home had a mix of at least three different wood floors. Depending on the room or area, the same wood floor was used, but laid down in a different direction or with a different finish. The floors made some rooms feel bigger while other had more of a cozy touch.
These homeowners really put thought into how they live and the feeling they wanted from their home. Not only did they use different flooring options, they mixed it with different colors, textures and d├ęcor. The rooms each had a different feel to them, but they were nicely tied together. It was refreshing to see some that were both beautiful and different. Mixing and matching flooring around your home can show off your unique style while being tasteful and charming.
We’re planning to do some remodeling around my home very soon. I think the debate is how much I’m going to do vs. hiring professionals. Either way, when we begin our planning for this remodel, we’ll definitely have to take a few tips from these homeowners. When we begin, I’ll be taking a lot of pictures and sharing the process from start to finish.  I’d welcome your feedback and suggestions.
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