Use Carpet to Give Traditional Décor a Boost
People who fill their homes with traditional décor often rely on natural materials such as stone, wood, and metal to create a rustic overall appearance, but these elements can begin to get boring by themselves. However, it's easy to boost their appeal with flooring to help draw attention to the right areas and promote the overall style you want. Here are some of the ways you can use carpet to enhance the traditional décor within any room in your home.
Setting Spaces Apart
Solid-color carpet doesn't have to be boring. Lush carpets with deep pile textures that invite you to walk around and explore the area are ideal spots for traditional decor. Use carpet that contrasts with the color of your antique furniture sets to make these prized items pop out as if they were being showcased in a museum or art gallery. 

Carpet that stand out against the color of your walls and ceilings can really increase the feeling of space in a room. This is a great way to build a comfortable home where your traditional armoires, couches and other large furniture can flourish without making your limited space feel cramped. 
Bringing it all Together
One of the major problems that people have when they try to work with traditional decor is that it's hard to get things to mesh successfully. When you choose classic furniture and fixtures from different eras or try to install examples of traditional style in modern homes, you might end up with a jarring mismatch.

However, carpet can really unify a space by quieting things down with subdued patterns and textures. By providing a uniform background for your custom mix of furniture and fittings, these design elements can help make your favorite pieces look great and boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.
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