How Exotic is Your Home?
Mar 12
Todd Johnson
Exotic hardwood - it just sounds good to say it! Exotic simply indicates that the hardwood was harvested from outside of the US. Over the past several years, these options have grown in popularity and taken hold as an upscale, modern look. It all began with the Brazilian Cherry from South America. While this continues to be a desired product, volatility in pricing and the challenges with installation have impacted overall market share.
Introducing Acacia, a species now considered a home run in the flooring world. It’s visual boldness and ability to resist stains allows it the flexibility to work with a multitude of d├ęcor options. Stained into a soft red, Acacia shares many characteristics of Brazilian Cherry, but prove to be more cost effective. Or, for those a little more adventurous, go with the natural finish and watch the floor take on unique characteristics by the day.
As an inherently denser floor, Acacia hardwood flooring has a natural dent resistance about 1.5 times that of oak or maple. However, it is always important to go into flooring decisions with eyes wide open and remember that hardwood is a product of nature. Even if it’s resistant, it will dent, it will pit, but it will really tell the story of your life. Your daughter walking on the floor with ice skates, the boys cleat marks, dad dropping the soup can and the knife, and the glass, and the toaster - Yikes…c’mon dad stop dropping things! Hardwood is meant to be hardwood, lived on and always leaving a lifetime of memories. So, let it tell your story.
Consider trying Empire’s new Acacia Flooring on for size. This is the real deal and it won’t disappoint! We’d love to show you this beautiful floor along with many other options to help turn that house in to a home.
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