Great Accessories to Add to Neutral Flooring
Neutral flooring provides you with a lot of flexibility in home decor. Whether you consider carpet or hardwood flooring choices for your major living areas, accessories allow you to enjoy the best of the day's trends while avoiding the need for expensive updates. Long-lasting flooring materials in neutral colors and patterns enable you to adapt to changes in home decorating preferences using accessories to incorporate color and stylistic accents.

Area Rugs 

One of the easiest options for accessorizing your flooring is to complement it with an area rug. You can add colorful accents, comfortable materials and fun designs. Opt for a rectangular rug for sharp edges. Select a rounded option for a more fluid look. Consider play rugs for children's rooms or family spaces. Work with mats in entry areas and kitchens to provide color while enhancing the function of your main flooring material. You'll find both mats and area rugs in a variety of sizes, themes and price ranges for easy changes to the look of a room. As a bonus, many of these accessories may assist in the life extension of the underlying material.


The use of accent pieces can add to the character of your room as you work with the neutral base provided by your flooring. Ottomans are fun for adding both seating and storage to a space, and the development of colorful choices in recent years makes it possible to brighten your living areas with these multi-use pieces. Accent and coffee tables are excellent for enhancing the look of a room as well. Floor pillows serve as comfortable seating options in areas that are designed for informal activities. It's easy to move these small but fun accessories in and out of an area based on entertaining needs and household activities. Color choices are virtually unlimited when coordinated with a room that relies on neutral flooring styles.

Plants and Containers

Plants can enhance a space dramatically. Colorful floral arrangements are great for brightening a room while exotic choices are ideal for upscale effects. Both natural and artificial trees, plants and arrangements can be used to create a country theme or a sophisticated look. The influence can be changed in an instant as seasonal arrangements are placed to highlight a holiday or celebration. Plant holders can also be used to influence the look of a room. Large baskets, ceramic planters, copper vessels and other containers are great for expanding your decorative scheme. 

Neutral flooring serves as the canvas on which you can create virtually any decorative style you want. You can find great options for your space so that you can adapt your home's decor as often as you desire through the use of accents and accessories.

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