Introducing Two New Porcelain Tiles: Arlington and Stratford Place
Introducing Two New Porcelain Tiles: Arlington and Stratford Place

If you’re looking for tile floors that are beautiful, durable and easy to care for, then you’ll love our two new styles of Porcelain tile flooring: Arlington and Stratford Place.  Over the past few years porcelain tile has gained popularity among homeowners for its appearance and performance characteristics.  Both are equipped with state-of-the-art laser printing technology to deliver the beautiful character of natural stone in a highly durable, porcelain tile. Arlington and Stratford Place are also rated high on the PEI and MOH’s scales, which means they are tough and extremely wear-resistant. We know homeowners like to choose tiles in different sizes depending on the look they’re trying to achieve. That’s why both tiles come in three popular floor tile sizes, including the very stylish 12” X 24” shape.
Arlington has the bold movement of antique stone is impeccably replicated using high-end laser graphics. Not only is Arlington extremely durable and slip resistant, it has extensive shade variations with a common hue to create a natural and realistic looking floor.  Arlington’s latex based grout eliminates the need to seal the grout, which makes it easy to clean and reduces the risk of cracking. 
Arlington Porcelain Tile Floors

If you would like to see Arlington in person, schedule an appointment for a FREE in-home estimate today.
Stratford Place
Stratford Place’s look is reminiscent of ancient vein cute travertine tile. It brings a modern flair to the timeless look of classic stone. Durability, toughness and resistance are just some of the other outstanding attributes that come with this tile.  Stratford Place is resistant of moisture, frost, slips and fading when exposed to extreme light.  The high definition printing provides edge to edge printed graphics in many colors and texture variations from tile to tile. 

Straford Place Porcelain Tile Flooring

 To see Stratford Place in your home, schedule an appointment for a FREE in-home estimate today.

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