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Jul 28
Todd Johnson
Did you catch this season of HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother and see how the carpet and flooring provided by Empire Today helped Team Jonathan and Team Drew add value to the homes they worked on? The designers used popular carpet and flooring products from Empire as a piece of the overall décor in order to transform dull and outdated rooms into stylish and energetic spaces. The best part is that you can get these products professionally installed in your home as soon as the next day when you choose Empire for your next flooring project. You can create the interior designs you saw on the show right in your own home! Take a look at some of my favorite products and styles featured on the show:
Exotic Hardwood Flooring in Episode 201: Ranch Rematch
In the first episode of the season, Team Jonathan won the round by adding the most value to their home. And, one of the things that the judges specifically called out as having added value to the home was the beautiful hardwood that was installed. The Essence Caprina Mahogany exotic hardwood flooring from Empire was a stunning addition that tied the style of the main floor of the home together for a beautiful, consistent look. This visually appealing product has other distinct advantages including its satin gloss finish, coordinating or white trim options, and superior locking system that provides a high-performing and durable floor. Despite the fact that Essence exotic hardwood floors are imported species with inherent beauty and rich color, domestic hardwood is still used for the lower layers of the floor, which provides strength and durability. Adding this type of engineered hardwood flooring to your home can help you create the beautiful and timeless style you saw in the first episode of Season 2. Learn more about exotic hardwood flooring.
Frieze Carpet in Episode 202: Cottage Shenanigans
In the second episode of the season, Team Drew used Frieze carpeting from Empire, specifically the Sugar N Spice line in the Sea Salt color, to completely revamp the master bedroom for a romantic cottage feel. Since the Sea Salt color is a gray neutral, bright and bold accents colors, such as yellow, teal, and shades of red, were used in the room to give a pop of style and an energetic appearance. The Sugar N Spice line of Frieze carpeting is an extremely popular product because of its many appealing attributes. For example, it is made with 100% solution dyed polyester, so the color will not fade or change from household spills. It has a continuous filament which will not pill, fuzz, or shed. It features Scotchguard™ Protector 3M, which allows it to hold up against everyday life. And, 25% of the carpet fiber is made of recycled contents, such as discarded plastic bottles, making it a great choice for environmentally-conscious customers. Learn more about Frieze carpeting.
Porcelain Tile in Episode 203: Craftsman Double Trouble
In the third episode of the season, we watched Team Drew update their home’s kitchen and bathroom with beautiful Monterey Porcelain Tile from Empire Today. The tile helped add value to the home by coordinating the style through the kitchen and attached bathroom. The modern design of the floor coordinated well with the sophisticated style of the kitchen and bathroom. The Monterey Porcelain Tile product provides more than just visual appeal. It has a PEI 4 Rating, which means that the tile will wear well and is suitable for all residential interiors. It also has a MOHS 9 Rating which means that it has an extremely tough and durable finished that is comparable to Aluminum Oxide, which is one of the toughest substances known to man. The product also used a latex based grout, which eliminates the need to seal the grout, is easy to clean, and reduces the risk of crack. Learn more about porcelain tile offerings.
Bamboo Flooring in Episode 206: Tract Homes Showdown
The winning home on the Season 2 finale of Brother vs. Brother featured beautiful bamboo flooring in the walnut color finish, laid diagonally in the bedroom for a unique and beautiful look. Melissa, from Team Drew, took ownership of the design of the master bedroom, and she worked hard to create a space with a Zen, spa-like décor. By combining the natural and rustic look of the bamboo floors with a beautiful green feature wall and charming furniture and accents, Melissa created exactly the feel she was going for. And, bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for more reasons than just its visual appeal; it’s also an eco-friendly flooring option. Since bamboo is not actually a wood, but a fast-growing member of the grass family that can grow up to several inches per day, it is a sustainable option for your home. This product’s floating installation standard allows for installation on all levels of a home, allows for easy repair or replacement if a single board gets damaged, and provides the ability to easily un-install and relocate flooring to another room in the home if desired. Plus, the entire length of each board is beveled to add definition to each board and create a stunning appearance. Whether you’re looking to create a natural oasis similar to the winning design or a rustic look unique to your own personal tastes, bamboo flooring will make a great addition to your home. Learn more about bamboo flooring. 
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