Hottest Carpet Trends of 2014
            When making carpeting purchases, many homeowners immediately consider options in the traditional beige color palate because it has been a popular choice for many years, tends to match a wide variety of designs, and provides a timeless, conservative appearance. However, while beige, tan, and brown hued carpets continue to be top-selling flooring choices, new color trends are emerging in 2014. Consider these trending carpet color options when making your next carpet purchase to create a room with a beautiful and unique design.
Shades of Gray

            Shades of gray are increasingly becoming a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for a neutral carpet, but don’t want the traditional beige or tan color. There are many benefits of choosing gray carpeting for your room – whether it’s a lighter or darker shade. Since it’s typically a cool shade, gray carpeting will help make your room look larger and provide an open and spacious feel. Gray carpet provides a neutral backdrop, which gives you a lot of freedom to create a room that appeals to your unique design and color preferences for furniture, wall colors, window treatments, and room accents. Pair your gray flooring with colors that pop to give your room a playful and energetic vibe or create a relaxed environment with understated furniture and wall color. Look for the gray carpeting trend to continue in the coming years.
Bold Colors

            If you are looking for an out-of-the-box design, you don’t have to rely on wall colors, furniture, or area rugs to make your room stand out. Instead, you can take a bold step with carpet color. White carpet is trending right now and looks great when paired with dark paint on the walls and bold furniture colors, such as black or deep red. Coral beige carpeting is another unique carpet color that is trending right now. Because coral beige is a warm color, this selection can help give your room an intimate and cozy feel, making it a wonderful selection for a family room, living room, or bedroom. Consider pairing coral beige carpet with other warm colors, such as white and aqua, for a unique, coordinated style. Take care to choose coordinated paints, fabrics and accessories to accompany your bold carpet color selection in order to create a beautiful and unforgettable room.
Patterned Carpet

            Another carpeting trend that is gaining traction in 2014 is patterned carpet. The trend here is not necessarily in carpets that have multi-colored patterns and designs. Instead, the patterned carpet trend features carpets that usually contain only one color. Carpet manufacturers create these patterns through specific manufacturing processes that give a textured and patterned look, even though only one material and color are used. Click to see examples of . There are a wide variety of patterns, cuts, and styles available, so you should consider how each of the options will coordinate with the overall design and d├ęcor of the room. Choosing the right patterned carpet can help the surface become an eye-catching element of the room that truly stands out instead of just a static part of the background.
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