Top Flooring Choices to Achieve Minimalist Style
Feb 12
Frank Worth
Achieving a minimalist style of contemporary living with open, uncluttered, relaxed and comfortable decor is easier than most people realize. A home’s interior begins and ends with the selection of the perfect flooring to compliment the furniture, window dressings and walls. To that end, I’d like to recommend two choices of flooring to meet the expectations of the most demanding homeowners and the flooring advisors and installation experts to professionally complete the job.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a wonderful and environmentally-friendly floor. This natural resource is actually a grass, and it is easily renewable. Bamboo comes in various different colors and finishes, so choosing the right type of bamboo flooring to go with the style of your home is possible. Moreover, the durability and strength of bamboo flooring is made to last, so this makes it a cost-efficient investment for homeowners. The finish applied to the textured bamboo provides the elegance and beauty of natural hardwood. Additionally, bamboo is more resistant to moisture and warping than traditional hardwood floors. With proper maintenance and care, bamboo flooring makes an excellent choice for any homeowner that's looking for style and the benefits of an eco-friendly material.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a versatile choice for flooring because it can provide the beauty and texture of either ceramic or hardwood, is moisture resistant and far less expensive than original ceramic or hardwood. Today’s manufacturing advantages include a revolutionary 5-layer Flexfloor construction that enables vinyl flooring to be cushioned, durable and comfortable. Vinyl Flooring has a wear layer plus a protective layer of urethane so that the flooring requires minimal maintenance and resists stains, scrapes and moisture.

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