Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors
Feb 19
Tony Tuma
I am often asked if there are alternatives to the standard vinyl vertical blinds used primarily on sliding glass doors.  The answer is YES!  There are several options to update the look without interfering with the function of the door.

Fabric Verticals:  Many manufacturers offer vertical blinds in a wide choice of designer fabrics as opposed to traditional vinyl material.  Fabric vertical blinds create a softer look at the window and can be coordinated with other fabrics in the room.   The vanes of fabric verticals can be weighted at the hem so that they hang nicely.  The fabric vanes can also be secured by inserting them into clear plastic channels.
Honeycomb Shades:  Turned on the vertical, Honeycomb shades can be made to cover most sliding glass doors. Called Vertiglide, these shades are great for insulation against heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. Vertiglide honeycomb shades can be designed to stack in a variety of ways:  to the left, to the right, center opening (split stack), or traveling center stack.  A nice feature of this product is that that this product stacks neatly in a small space. 

Shutters:  Are a beautiful, luxury option.  Shutters to cover sliding glass doors can be built to work on a by-pass track system or bi-fold hinged design.   Bypass systems can be two or three panels. The panels slide on the track and one overlaps the other when open. If there is wall space on either side, the shutters can stack off the door, so that there is an unobstructed view and operation.   Keep in mind that when bi-fold shutters are stacked open, they will protrude into the room. 

Woven Wood Vertical Drapery Shades:   Like Honeycomb shades, woven wood material can be turned on the vertical and made to cover a large expanse like sliding glass doors.  Called Vertical Drapery, woven woods can be made to stack to the left, right, or open in the center (split stack).  For greater light and heat control, woven wood shades can be lined with light filtering or black out fabric.  This is a nice upgrade to unlined woven wood shades

Skyline Gliding Window Panel:  For an upscale contemporary look, gliding fabric panels are available in a vast array of fabrics. Several opacity levels are available ranging from semi sheer to room darkening.  The width and number of panels will vary depending on the expanse to be covered - panels are wider than a traditional vertical blinds and are weighted at the bottom and glide on a track on the top.  The panels can be designed to stack left, stack right, or open in the center (split stack).

As you can see, there are many updated alternatives to the old fashioned vinyl vertical blinds used to cover sliding glass doors.  A vast array of materials and styles are available to suit almost any d├ęcor.  Many of the options above can be motorized, so that at the touch of a button, the blinds open or close.  
I would like to see how you have treated your sliding glass doors - send photos!
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