Why did You Buy Your House?

During your house hunt what made you decide to buy the house you’re in? Let’s move past the basics of the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. What features or amenities spoke to you? Was there a vision you had about what you could turn the house into? There is no wrong or right answer; it’s a personal choice.

Ask yourself how do these features look today? Would you buy this home today? This can be a tough question to ask yourself. Many of us have grand dreams of what we want to do to our home and then life gets in the way. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just reality. The good thing is that this it’s not a permanent state.

I ask this question to you because I went into my home office a few days ago after several months of not using it. Having a home office was a feature I was looking for in a home. I frequently work from home and needed a dedicated space. This space afforded me a devoted space for all my work stuff and an area to take care of business and hopefully not be interrupted. Equally important about this space; I can close the door, shut down my work and not have to look at it.

After several months of not being used, my home office was no longer a positive feature of my home. It became a repository for all types of stuff, a lot of which wasn’t mine or had nothing to do with my business (just look at the photo above). My solution was to create a plan based around why I needed this feature in my home. The plan didn’t take long to create and my next step was to do something completely different. I was going to mono-task.

With time blocked out in my calendar for mono-tasking, I set to work. It was just like those reality home makeover shows. Except I had no crew, support staff and it took more than 30 minutes. Piles quickly developed: Trash, Donations, Recycle and Relocate. The feeling of gratification and satisfaction is almost worth messing up the office again so I can clean it up once more. I don’t think I’ll go that far. I can say that my home office is back to being a positive feature in my home. If I were to put my house on the market, potential buyers would now be able to easily see this great amenity. I finished repairing and reworking my home office on Sunday night, so now I’m all set for business Monday morning. As you can see in the after photo below, this is now a functional space.


Take a look at your house; is it living up to the potential you set for it? A home is a continual process and every journey starts with a single step. So create a plan and fall in love with your home again.

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