Refresh for Spring
Feb 26
Jessie Best
I get so inspired every spring as all the catalogs and store fronts start displaying bright happy colors. It makes me want to go home and clean, purge and toss out everything I currently own.
Well, as we all know that doesn’t work for the purse strings or for anyone’s everyday life. Once I rein myself in and realize that’s just not practical, I start to think of ways I could refresh and give my space a little facelift.
I figured the fastest, easiest and most cost effective way to do this would be to consider switching out my toss pillows, throw blankets and possibly my drapes. I have pretty neutral drapes and a big window, so changing the drapes may not be a possibility for me at the moment, but the chance to add to my overgrown pillow collection always brings a smile to my face! So my mind was made up - I’d hit all of my local discount stores and see if I can sprinkle a bit of spring into my lovely abode.

Thankfully I have a great dark gray woven sectional that can wear just about any color I put on it. Plus, I have a few favorite pillows that already reside on my sectional. So, my investment should be pretty minimal. All I need are a few pillows to pop the whole scene.
Before racing off to the stores, I took an assessment of what I already had and what could possibly be moved around to create a new look. In doing so, I came up with the great plan to switch the rug from my living room with the one from my master bedroom. Wow, was that a task! Hauling a very heavy wool rug up stairs by myself? Not fun, but I’m stubborn and once I have something in my mind I’m going to make it happen!

By changing the rug under my sectional, I now had a very neutral palette where I could add some great color. Now, I actually think I may change the drapes after all! I can exchange the drapes from my master for the ones in the living room and vice versa. This isn’t a big change since I’m exchanging khaki for white, but it’s still a bit of a crisper look since I’m craving a shot of hot pink on the sectional!
Once I did my heavy lifting, I started some reconnaissance online before I hit the streets running. I found a couple great options, but one of them needs to be ordered (which I never have the patience for) and the other option is close to what I’m thinking but not quite right yet. So, needless to say, I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, but I’m close. I’ve set the canvas for my spring cleaning adventure and just have to find the exact ingredients I need for my face lift.
I guess you’ll just have to stay tuned for the final reveal as I search for the perfect toss pillows! The search for the Holy Grail is on!

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