It's Hard To Beat Hardwood Floors for Beauty and Value

There is no shortage of flooring options available on the market, but homeowners tend to agree that hardwood floors are a top pick. Whether made from oak, hickory, or a more exotic wood, hardwood lends a sense of warmth to any space. They have been used for centuries in homes, and they impart a welcoming vibe that most homeowners are excited about incorporating into their living space.

Hardwood floors were once deemed quite the traditional option, but the variety and versatility of this flooring type means that it can fit in with just about any decorating scheme. It really is hard to beat hardwood floors when it comes to durability, resale value, long-term affordability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal.

The Durability of Hardwood Floors
If your primary goal in a flooring choice is to pick something that can withstand pets, children, and plenty of regular foot traffic, hardwood floors may rise quickly to the top of a short list. Hardwood floors are constructed so they last a long time with the proper care and maintenance.

Potential Resale Value
Many real estate agents say that when they show homes to potential buyers, hardwood floors are commented on frequently. People love the look, and many are more interested in buying a home that has hardwood floors. While the cost of installing new hardwood floors may not be something that every home seller wants to do before showing a home, it may come as a surprise to learn just how effective this one simple home upgrade can be.

Long-Term Affordability
Although hardwood floors may not be the most affordable option initially, they end up being one of the most cost-effective choices in the long term. Hardwood floors are meant to last for much longer than most other flooring types. Since you won't need to replace hardwood floors as frequently as other flooring types, they can end up providing the best value overall.

The Versatility of Hardwood Floors
Some homeowners are concerned that hardwood won't match their particular home's d├ęcor or style. Thankfully, the incredible versatility of hardwood floors makes that a non-issue. If rustic is what you are after, a darker hickory with a visible grain might be perfect. For a lighter look, oak could be ideal. Maple, cherry and other exotic woods are additional options to consider.

Ultimately, it is the aesthetic appeal of hardwood floors that makes them such a popular choice in the home. They can last for decades, withstand foot traffic and are versatile, but it is their warmth and inviting nature that makes hardwood floors so desirable. Since they last for so long, they also end up being a great value.

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