Decorating a Nursery...or Two!"

Kids rooms are always fun spaces to decorate. They are usually the rooms in a home where a client is willing to be a bit more bold with the colors and prints, in an effort to give the rooms a playful and whimsical feel. So when a past client of ours called to tell us that she and her husband were expecting twins, and wanted us to decorate not one, but two nurseries, we couldn’t wait to get started.

With twin baby boys on the way, we knew we needed a theme for the two rooms that was as individual as each baby would be, but joined together with some common elements. We selected the theme “By Sea and By Air” and decided on nautical and aviation themed nurseries.

Let's talk first about the nautical themed nursery.


To start with, we chose to paint the two side walls with large navy and white stripes. Nothing says nautical like navy and white stripes! The front and back walls were painted in solid navy, with the trim and ceiling painted a crisp white. We hired an artist to paint two designs that we created for the ceiling and wall. The designs were first painted on canvas, then cut an applied to the wall and ceiling. Once in place, the artist was able to add the borders and finishing touches. By painting these designs on canvas, the client will be able to remove them years down the road, when the rooms change in design, and save them for keepsakes, or frame them for display. The first design is a large compass painted on the ceiling of the bedroom. Painting the ceiling of a nursery is a great way to give baby something to look at when they’re lying on their back.

Our second artwork design was personalized with the baby’s name. For this design, we used a large anchor with a rope border.
To give the room that whimsical and fun feel, we used a variety of patterns, all in the navy, red and white color palette. The custom window treatments are made up with a rope print fabric, the crib sheet has anchors and lifesavers, the area rug has anchors in various sizes and directions, and the custom bench cushion is made up in a bold striped fabric, which is actually an outdoor fabric for extra durability.
To complete the room, we added fun accessories, like oversized oars, whimsical pillows, and a floor lamp made of rope.  All of these fun touches make this a room that any baby would love!
Next week we’ll take you on a tour of the aviation themed nursery...stay tuned!
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