Roller Shades, the Right Choice for Contemporary Interiors
Dec 18
Tony Tuma

For contemporary interiors, I particularly like the clean, simple look of Roller and Screen shades. Available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns and colors, these shades help control the amount of light and harmful UV rays that enter the room. The opacity level of the fabric selected determines the amount of light that comes through the shades. Usually called “openness”, an opacity factor of 1 is the least sheer – blocking most light, and an opacity factor of 10 being the most sheer, or open – allowing more light into the room. There is a wide range of opacity level in between 1 and 10, allowing precise light control.

Roller shade also offer a variety of lifting options including standard clutch system with a beaded cord loop, cordless, and motorized. Some motorized systems let you control the shades using your smartphone or tablet. You can even program the shades to raise or lower at pre-determined times. How cool is that?

Another big advantage of Roller and Screen shades is that they filter out a high degree of UV rays that can damage your furnishings. This is especially vital in high rise apartments with sun exposures.

When shopping, check out the wide variety of fabrics, opacities, and operating systems available on Roller and Screen shades. Let me know if you have had success with this style of shades.

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