Hardwood is Like Snowflakes, No Two are Alike
Dec 10
Ben Bauer

Just like falling snowflakes, each piece of hardwood flooring is different. Even within a carton of flooring manufactured at the same time, each piece varies.

Some differences are due to imperfections such as knotholes, pinworm holes, and mineral streaks. But don’t confuse these imperfections with defects, as they are natural and give the hardwood flooring a look as unique as your home.

Variations in the wood’s color and graining also contribute to the uniqueness of each piece. Why do these variations occur? Consider the red oak tree, for example. Wood from red oak trees can vary dramatically based on:

  • What time of year the tree was harvested
  • Whether the tree grew in a northern or southern climate (This affects the wood’s growth rings.)
  • Whether the tree was harvested from the top of a mountain, the bottom of a valley, or somewhere in between
  • Location within the tree. Wood that’s near the tree’s exterior has character from branch growth, while wood near the center of the tree is more uniform

Differences in hardwood planks may be subtle or dramatic, but they give wood the inherent beauty and character that make your home as unique as wintertime snowflakes.

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