How to Change the Look of a Space with Textured or Patterned Carpet
Are you considering redecorating your home, either to put it up for sale or because you simply want a new look? Sometimes we often want to change the entire décor of a room or space. The atmosphere can be changed by adding color and texture to offset the light or darkness of a room. Sometimes a space needs a cheerful look, or it perhaps needs to be a little more utilitarian. Textures and patterns are excellent features to change the look of a space.

Textured carpet has its fibers twisted to a certain tension and then cut evenly to provide a lush feel. Normally called “whole-house” carpet, this type is usually used in bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. There are four types of pile:

• Plush shows the light and dark of direction when brushed.
• Textured plush can hide foot and vacuum marks in high traffic areas.
• Saxony looks best in formal living and dining rooms.
• Frieze is extremely twisted and looks curly.

The loop of the fiber also determines the carpet’s texture. When the fibers aren’t cut, but remain looped, they look much like a crocheted item. The carpet is soft, but your feet don’t sink into the carpet. When the loops are staggered, they form a pattern. These are good for high-traffic areas and frequently used rooms. When the fibers are staggered with loops as well as cut fibers, different patterns emerge. Swirls, geometric patterns, chevrons and waves are some of the common patterns found.

Patterned carpet uses a combination of the twist and cut to form a pattern. The pattern can be subtle or it can completely define the room. If you are choosing a simple square or geometric shape, you can design a space around the pattern of the carpet.

How to Change the Look of a Space
Family rooms that get a lot of traffic could be changed by using patterned carpet. The patterns can help hide spills, dirt, and wear. The contrasting shades of the carpet can serve as a focal-point in the room from which other decorating ideas spring. For example, a large family room that contains a small octagonal-shaped patterned carpet has a cozy, close. A medium-sized, square-patterned runner on hardwood stairs can give socked feet a more secure grip. Small rooms may look larger with a large-patterned carpet.

Dark spaces, such as hallways and stairwells leading to the basement, could be changed with cut pile in a light shade. The cut pile could lighten the space when its fibers are brushed a certain direction by normal traffic. A space that gets too much light could have its whole look changed by adding a darker shade of looped-fiber carpet.

Click to see examples of patterned carpet options. There are a wide variety of patterns, cuts, and styles available, so you should consider how each of the options will coordinate with the overall design and décor of the room. Choosing the right patterned carpet can help the surface become an eye-catching element of the room that truly stands out instead of just a static part of the background.
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