Creative Flooring Ideas to Liven Up Your Living Room
Aug 14
Frank Worth
In many households, the living room is one of the most-used rooms in the home. It's a pleasant area for family members and friends to play games, watch movies, and catch up with one another. For this reason, you want your living room to have an energetic and lively feel. If you've been looking for a way to refresh the look of your living room, you may want to start with the floor. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite flooring ideas, which can help you liven up your living room.

Spread the Sunlight Around the Room
If you have many windows that allow sunlight into your living room throughout the day, you may want to consider durable hardwood flooring. Oak or maple hardwood floors in light color shades can reflect the sunlight pouring in through your windows. This can give your room a light and airy feel. It also can make your living room appear larger than it really is. Of course, you can close the blinds around midday when you want to lessen the amount of sunlight entering the room.

Setup a Dramatic Contrast
Perhaps you have a collection of classic furniture in your living room. You may want to look for durable carpeting that serves as a dramatic contrast to the look of your furniture. For instance, if you have a simple leather sofa, you can opt for plush carpet. This type of carpeting gives a little more texture to the decor of the room and serves as an appealing background for an elegant leather living room set. Alternatively, if you have an arrangement of overstuffed, plush sofas and chairs, Berber carpeting would be a neat, simple background for your furnishings.

Go with a Lighter or Darker Color
Maybe you've had the same dark carpeting in your living room for years. It's surprising how much light-colored carpeting can open up a living room! For instance, installing pale beige, blue or green carpeting immediately lightens the atmosphere in a room. This is especially true if there are several windows in your living room and the walls are white or light in color. If you prefer dark carpeting, a dark blue or grey can give a living room a distinctive look. A black leather sofa and other similar furnishings can look all the more impressive against a backdrop of carpeting that's dark in color.

Choose the Unexpected
Sometimes going with an unexpected choice is the best way to liven up your living room. If you've always had carpeting in your living room, why not try ceramic tile? Durable ceramic tile lends a more elegant look to living rooms of many styles. You could select ceramic tile in a color that complements your furnishings. Or, you could select tile in a color that follows the d├ęcor of the room. Regardless of the color you choose, this type of flooring is attractive, as well as easy to maintain.
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